Immernachtreich Apokalypse Part 1: Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows how to complete the quest “Immernachtreich Apokalypse Part 1” in the game Genshin Impact 2.8. Immernachtreich Apokalypse is an Event Quest during the Summertime Odyssey Event. This is the first quest of the three parts.

Rest until the following day (06:00 — 24:00)

As the quest start, change the time to 06:00 – 24:00 Tomorrow.

Talk to everyone

Head to twinning Isle and talk with other characters of the game. You will enter a new domain.

Try operating the strange device

There will be an in-game tutorial on how to operate the device. The gaze of the Deep is used to observe the surroundings and find misplaced images.

You can move the vision of the Gaze of the Deep to move the incorrectly placed pictures in four directions and bring them close to their original spots.

Use Zoom to view everything clearly. Use Zoom and move the option to put incorrectly placed pictures to the original correct spots.

Use the Gaze of the Deep to reposition the Misplaced Image. zoom in and adjust the angle to place the Misplaced Image in the proper and correct spot.

Enter the castle as the story unfolds

Move forward into the castle and go upstairs until you see another Gaze of the Deep mechanism. At this point, you have to repair the stairs in the castle. You will need to move the camera down and set the zoom to the maximum level.

Finally, connect the stairs to repair the bridge.

Go upstairs and use the elevator to ascend to the lower section of the castle. Interact with the same Gaze of the Deep mechanism. First, set the Zoom to a minimum.

Move up the camera to adjust. Zoom in slowly to connect the bridge.

Repair the bridge

Use the elevator to go upper section. Head northwest and kill the enemies. Then use the stairs to go down. Here you will find two Gaze of the Deep mechanisms to repair the bridge.

Interact with the one that is closest to the bottom of the stairs first. 

  • Players should zoom the view until it is almost at its maximum and focus the lens on the further piece of the bridge.
  • Then press (-) four times. 
  • Then move it around to adjust the angle until a small purple circle appears in the center. 

Next, interact with the second device.

  • Zoom out so that the slider is approximately halfway between the midpoint and minimum.
  • Then move the view upward to fit the piece and completely repair the bridge and create a path towards the castle.

Enter the castle as the story unfolds

Go upstairs and enter the castle. Head to the marked location in the quest. 

Find the source of the voice

Inside the castle, kill all the enemies you encounter and take the stairs on the left, and then drop down to the lower level. There, you will find a trapped soldier named Leon. 

Help Leon leave the cellar

You will have to use the Three Gaze of the Deeps to save him.

Use the middle(A) Gaze of the Deeps for the first adjustment.

Then, use the Gaze of the Deeps on the left side (B)

Finally, use the Gaze of the Deeps on the right side (C)

Talk to Leon

Speak with Leo and he will provide you with the password of the barrier.

Repair the path to the tower

Next, speak the password to remove the barrier and head to the lower section. Defeat all the enemies. 

Use the Gaze of the Deep mechanism. Zoom out a little and adjust the image to the left to connect the bridge.

Head to the top of the tower

Go upstairs and use the elevator to reach the top of the tower.

Close “Hymn of the Holy Land”

After the cutscene closes the book.

Listen to the voices inside the room

Listen to the voice in the cutscene and finally leave the room to end part 1.

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