In Service of Asgard Favor Guide | God of War Ragnarok

This walkthrough will guide you on how to complete all objectives of the In Service of Asgard Favor (Side Quest). In Service of Asgard is a Favor (Side Quest) for Raeb in God of War Ragnarok.

In Service of Asgard Starting Location

In Service of Asgard begins with a conversation with the dwarf bard Raeb in Nidavellir. Speaks with him again soon after talking to him as part of the story. Alternatively, you will automatically receive the favor when you leave the city of Nidavellir.

In Service of Asgard Guide

For this Favor, you will need to shut down the three rigs in the Bay of Bounty.

1) Shut down Modvitnir’s Rig

Sail up to the dock at Modvitnir’s Rig. Jump up the ledge and then to the wooden structure.

Once you get on the platform, hit the golden circle by using your Leviathan Axe to turn the mechanism. This will open the gate.

Next, jump over the broken bridge on the other wooden structure. Climb up the structure to reach all the way to the top.

Swing over the gap from the top to reach another platform on the right. In case the grappling point is not nearby then hit the golden circles of the crane to rotate it. 

Throw the Leviathan Axe again (Two times) on the golden circle to turn the mechanism. This will bring the grappling point between you and the next platforms. Swing across the gap.

Climb up the chain to the top of the large rock. Defeat the big enemy and then go to the furnace to cut the metal and throw your axe inside to freeze it.

2) Shut down Radsvinn’s Rig

Radsvinn’s Rig is a combat challenge rather than a puzzle. Paddle up to the island located in the midst of the Bay of Bounty. Head east, then climb the ledge and the wooden building at the top.

Defeat all opponents who will try to stop you. Finally, approach the flaming furnace and cut it with your blades and toss your axe inside to freeze it.

3) Shut down Althjof’s Rig

Climb up the golden chain after reaching the boat dock of Althjof’s Rig.

Interact with the giant wheel on the right to drop the grappling point one level above the ground (Level 3 as per image).

Go to the left and pull the first grappling point (below lift) to clear the route, then swing across to the opposite side with another grappling point.

Use the fire of your blades to blow up the red barrels and clear the blockage.

Climb up at the end of the floor, and go to the left.

Clear the obstacle to reach the giant wheel (starting location).

After returning to the starting point where you turned the wheel. Rotate the wheel to make the grapple point one floor below the very top – Level 2). Climb up the platform on the left. Then, use the grapple point to swing over to the opposite side.

Climb up and the wall in front of you after landing. Kill all the enemies before interacting with the Mining Rig.

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