In the Shadow of Time Side Quest Guide | Hogwarts Legacy

This article will guide you through all the objectives of the side quest “In the Shadow of Time” in the game of Hogwarts Legacy.

In the Shadow of Time Walkthrough

Reward: This side quest will help you to unlock the Imperio spell, which is an Unforgivable Curse spell.

Meet Sebastian at the Catacomb

To begin the mission, speak with Sebastian at the Feldcroft Catacomb. Catacomb is located in the southern part of the Feldcroft region. The location is shown on the map below.

Enter the catacomb

Enter the Catacomb together after speaking with Sebastian

Find the relic

Defeat spiders in the first room and then burn the spider web blocking the path with Incendio.

Defeat the spiders again in the next room and then go down the hallway on the left. Then drop down to the center altar.

You will find a Student Journal Entry document beside the altar.

A skeletal barrier can be found on the altar that leads to the next room. Bring three stacks of bones (skeleton) to this door to break down the skeleton barricade. Use Accio and Wingardium Leviosa charms on the bones scattered around the altar.

Follow the newly opened route. A dialogue scene with Sebastian will trigger in the next room to learn Imperio which is an Unforgivable Curse spell.

Defeat all the spiders. Then open the door to the south (right side) with Accio.

In the next room again skeletal barrier can be found. Bring three stacks of bones (skeleton) to this door to break down the skeleton barricade. Skip the handle on the wall as it is just to take out the spider.

In the next room, defeat all the spiders again. Clear the giant spider web and then pick up the Relic’s Note and Lost Relic Illustration at the altar.

Speak with Sebastian about the relic

Talk to Sebastian

Wait for Sebastian and Ominis to finish talking

Start retracing your steps out of the catacombs to trigger a cutscene.

Persuade Ominis

Talk to Ominis.

Leave the catacombs

Retrace your steps out of the catacombs

Return to Feldcroft

Go back to the marker at Feldcroft

Defend Feldcroft from Ranrok’s Loyalists

Defeat all the Loyalists at Feldcroft.

Talk to Solomon Sallow

Speak to Solomon to complete the quest.

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