Incursion Painting Puzzle Locations | Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Elden Ring: Incursion Painting Puzzle

This guide shows the location and solution of the Incursion painting puzzle in Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, released on 21st June 2023. You will get a Serpent Crest Shield after solving this puzzle.

Incursion Painting Location

You will find the painting inside Artist’s Shack as shown in the pictures below. From the Main Gate Cross Grace Site, go south following the path marked with a red line in the map below to reach the Artist’s shack.

Incursion Painting Solution

Go to the location marked in the pictures below to see the ghost. The ghost will disappear in a few seconds, dropping the Serpent Crest Shield for you to collect.

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