Outriders Interrupt Ability Guide: How To Interrupt

  • Post published:April 2, 2021
  • Post category:Outriders

The alter enemies and anomaly-enhanced creatures you encounter and fight in Outriders have unique skills and abilities that protect them from your skill. To use this unique skill they need to concentrate. An outrider can stop an enemy from casting his skill and ability by interrupting.

How to interrupt skills and abilities in Outriders

To prevent bosses and alter enemies from using his skill you need to interrupt him. A filling Casting Bar (orange bar) shows that an enemy is concentrating to use their ability. You can hit a casting enemy with your interrupt keyword skill to stop them.

You cannot interrupt an enemy by just shooting them with a lot of bullets, instead, you need to use a specific interrupt keyword skill of your own. The keyword will be listed in your menu’s skills tab

Example: While Gauss is concentrating to use his ability. You as a Trickster class can interrupt him using the “Temporal Blade” skill. This will interrupt and temporarily paralyzed him. This is display by his skeleton becoming visible and then his movement greatly slowing down

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