Ipe Ghost: Fishing Charm Location Puzzle | Tsurumi Island Hidden Quest | Genshin Impact 2.2

This guide shows locations of Ipe and Makiri’s fishing Charm in the Tsurumi Island of Inazuma Region. The Ghost will spawn only after you have completed ‘The Sun Wheel and Mt. Kanna’ world quest (Part 4 of ‘Through the Mists’ quest chain).

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Ipe Ghost Location

Go to the fishing spot on the beach west of Chirai Shrine as shown below. On fishing there, Ipe will appear. he will tell you about Makiri’s missing charm.

Makiri’s fishing Charm location

Now go to the small island southwest of Autaka Plains as shown below. Here you will see a Thunderbird statue. Use ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ in front of the statue to reveal a secret Fishing Spot. Keep fishing on this spot until you catch Makiri’s Charm. If the fishes run out and you still haven’t got the charm, then come back later after the fishes respawn.

Go Back to Ipe

Now go back to the beach west of Chirai Shrine and talk to Ipe again to complete the quest, and a Precious chest will spawn.

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