Jacks | Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC (Main Mission Guide)

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline reintroduces two popular Watch Dogs characters as playable heroes. You will be able to complete 10 major missions and 19 sidequests (resistance) in the Bloodline expansion. This walkthrough will show you how to solve all of the area objectives and the puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC’s main mission Jacks. Jacks is the third mission out of ten main missions.  To see the solution to the puzzle, click on the video link at the bottom of the page.

Objective: Go to Jackson’s Apartment

Jackson’s apartment is in the Camden neighborhood. Because the location is marked on the map, it should be difficult to find. Here interact with the door to find it locked.

Objective: Access to ctOS Hub

To look inside Jackson’s Apartment you have to hack the ctOS hub. ctOS hub is located at the back of his apartment. Here you need to deploy your multi drone and fly it over the roof to reach the ctOS hub located at the back of his flat. Interact with the ctOS and select the option Apt 302 J.Pearce. This will give access to hack to Jackson’s apartment.

Objective: Disable the security system

You can now see the live feed from inside his room. First, hack the gadget on the table, then use it to hack another device (a lamp near the bed), and finally, hack and disable the security system near the window.

Objective: Enter Jackson’s flat through the window

When the security system is turned off. To go to the backside of the apartment, turn left out of the apartment door and take the first right. Hack a cargo drone and climb it to reach Jackson’s apartment window. The location of the window is already indicated on the map.

When you enter the apartment, a lengthy cutscene begins in which Jackson attacks you and is followed by a lengthy chat.

Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. If you have a Season Pass, the expansion is included; otherwise, you can purchase this DLC bundle separately. To play the main campaign or Online mode as Wrench or Aiden Pearce, you must have a Season Pass.

Objective: Talk to Connie

To speak with Connie, go to the City of Westminister area. The location is already indicated on the map. She can be found inside a restaurant.

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