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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of Jar Bairn’s questline in Elden Ring. Jar Bairn is a new NPC, who was introduced in Elden Ring 1.03 patch. This questline will also help you conclude Diallos’s questline.

Talk to Jar Bairn in Jarburg

Go to Jarburg village, which is on the north side of Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace as shown in the picture below.

From the Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace, go north and jump down the platforms as shown below to reach the Jarburg village.

In Jarburg village, you will find Jar Bairn sitting in front of a big building. Talk to him and he will ask you whether you will be his Potentate (Someone who protects the Jar people). You will get two options to choose from. Whatever option you choose doesn’t have any impact, as you cannot be his Potentate.

Reload the area and talk to Jar Bairn until he asks you to pick some rare flowers from the village. Go and pick up the flowers around the village.

After you have picked up the flowers around the village, reload the area and talk to Jar Bairn again. He will ask you whether you have met his uncle Alexander, and then he will tell you about him. You can now go and complete Alexander’s questline if you haven’t already.

When you come back later to Jar Bairn, he will tell you about Poachers. Poachers are people who hint down and smash the Jar people.

Diallos in Jarburg

Now the questline won’t proceed until you have completed Diallos’s questline. After you have completed Diallos’s questline, come back to Jarburg and talk to Jar Bairn. He will tell you that Diallos has come to Jarburg as a new Potentate.

Go to the open house on the northern portion of Jarburg as shown below. You will find Diallos here, taking care of a jar. Talk to Diallos and he will tell you that he might be a fool but even he can take care of some simple jars.

End of Diallos’s questline

Come back later to the village and you won’t find Jar Bairn at his spot. This might take some time, you might have to reload the area 5-10 times before the quest progresses. When Jar Bairn has finally left his spot, go to the village and you will find him near the house where you talked to Diallos. He will tell you that the village was attacked by a poacher and Diallos fought them.

Nearby, you will find an injured Diallos. He will ask you whether he was able to successfully defend the jars or not. You will get two dialogue options here. Your choice does not have any impact on the questline. Diallos will die after the conversation is over.

Reload the area and come back. You will find Jar Bairn standing next to Diallos’s body. He will tell you that he wants to be a warrior like Diallos, who protects everybody.

Reload the area and go to the location where Diallos died. You will find Diallos’s Mask, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and Numen’s Rune as the location.

Alexander’s Innards and end of the questline

On completing Alexander’s questline, you will get Alexander’s Innards. Now when you go and talk to Jar Bairn, you will get the option to give him Alexander’s Innards. Exhaust all the dialogues with Jar Bairn. Then reload the area and come back to Jar Bairn’s location. You will find the Companion Jar talisman at his location. This will complete the questline.

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