Jinodok Shrine Walkthrough | Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the Jinodok Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game, released on 12th May 2023. Jinodok Shrine is located on a sky island in the Central Hyrule Sky region.

Jinodok Shrine is located in the South Hyrule Sky Archipelago, west of Great Sky Island and southwest of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Head to the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower and launch yourself to the South Hyrule Sky Archipelago. Then Glide in the west direction to reach the island.

One of the islands has a rocket that you can use to boost up to reach the final island as marked on the map.

Once you’ve located the island. Approach the shrine location and interact with the green hand situated at the Jinodok Shrine. A green beam of light will point you in the direction of the crystal.

Walk to the left of the shrine to find a Zonai switch that controls a massive stone bridge. 

Use Ultrahand to rotate the Zonai switch that matches the floating sky island in front of you. Rotate the switch 180 degrees horizontally to position the shape so there are connecting pathways between the sky islands.

Jump and glide to reach the floating island. Then walk across the paths to find the sky crystal. Use Ultrahand to pick it up and carry it back to the floating island.

Utilize the Ultrahand to rotate the Zonai switch, connecting a pathway between the shrine island and the floating island. Afterward, bring the crystal back to its shrine location

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