How to solve the Keenbridge Merlin Trial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Keenbridge Merlin Trial Puzzle Solution

This guide shows how to solve the Keenbridge Merlin Trial puzzle in the Hogwarts Valley area of the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. Solving Merlin Trials increases your gear capacity.

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Use Mallowsweet on the swirl symbol on the ground at the location shown in the picture below to start the Keenbridge Merlin Trial.

After starting the trial, go west to reach a giant stone ball. Use Depulso spell on the giant stone ball to move it over the fence through the wooden ramp behind it as shown in the picture below. Then use the Depulso spell to guide the giant ball across the bridge and drop it into the hole as shown in the second picture below. This will complete the trial.
Note: You will get Depulso Spell by completing professor Sharp’s Assignment 1.

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  1. Babben

    You don’t need dipulso to move the ball, just hit it with the basic cast 4 times and then it moves.

  2. David Narretto

    Wingardium leviosa works 1000x better

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