Toshi’s Fear | Kena: Bridge of Spirits | Mask Maker Path

This article will guide you through Mask Marker Path and questline Toshi’s Fear. To get Toshi’s Fear questline, you must first complete Help Toshi, where you will learn a new game ability: Dash. Dash is used to avoid attacks and navigate Spirit Gates. After assisting Toshi, you must pass through three gateways in the village, one of which is Toshi’s Fear. It is located in the village’s northwest corner.

From the village center, take the path to the northwest. Dash through the purple gate when you reach it. You are now on the Mask Maker Path. Continue on the path until you reach the Cursed Chest on the left. 

Continue on the Mask Maker path, passing beneath the bridge until you reach a corrupted house. Eliminated all the enemies and destroy the corrupted bulb. Enter the house and use Rot to pick up the urn. Cross the wooden bridge and place the Urn in front of a shrine. This will create a Gateway through which you can Dash.

Make your way up the cliffs and stairs in a straight path until you run into more enemies. Remove all enemies and clean up the area. Continue forward until you reach a broken bridge with red-greyish water below. 

Use a Spirit bomb to create the platform, then jump across it to reach the Gateway on the right. You’ll reach a higher platform if you dash through it.

Use a spirit bomb on the first stone pillar on your right at the higher platform. Jump over to where it was and shoot the blue crystal at the stone pillar to flatten the broken pillar part. Similarly, jump over to the third pillar after doing the same with the second and third stone pillars. and then shoot the Lotus Flower to move to the other side

Continue forward and eliminate all of the enemies. To kill ghost enemies, you must first dash through them before killing them. Finally, clean the corrupted bulb. Following that, dash through the Gateway on the right. Finally, use a spirit bomb on the stones and climb up the cliff to reach a new arena.

Mask Maker Path Puzzle

When you reach the arena. You will find three urns and three shrines. Here you need to pay attention to the mask of urns and shrines. The masks on the earn need to match the masks on the shrine. Please refer to the below picture for reference.

#1: 5 hole mask needs to go to shrine with 5 holes.
#2: Urn with the masks that have two eye holes needs to go to shrine with two holes
#3: Urn with the masks that have owl face needs to go to shrine with owl face

After successfully placing all three, a purple orb will shoot into the sky and a Toshi Mask symbol will float in the middle of the arena. Interact with the Toshi Mask and a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene gets ready for a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Mask Maker

Use Rot Spirit Bow to shoot for maximum damage. Mask Maker uses a lot of tricks like initially it will disappear and appear right behind you, here be prepared to dodge. Mask Maker also summons three minions. In the end, it will also create a pink dome that you can dash through to avoid damage. When you defeat the Mask Maker, you’ll receive the Incense Relic. You’ll receive Three Rot and  Mask Maker Rot Hat for finishing this quest and defeating the Mask Maker.

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