Koboh Stone Spires Puzzles Guide in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

This article will guide you on how to solve the Koboh Stone Spires Puzzles for the objective “Research Tanalorr on Koboh via the Stone Spires” in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Following the encounter with the boss, Korej Lim, and the introduction of Caij Vanta to you, utilize the ascension cable to climb to Caij’s location. Climb up the wall covered in vines located behind Caij. Subsequently, use relter to glide to a Meditation Point.

Where to find the Orb-1

At the Meditation Point, look up on the left and hook onto the ledge. Move along the ledge and wall jump to the top to find an orb amplifier. Jump across the gap to the right to reach the ruins on the other side.

Inside the ruins, you’ll find a wind vane. You can rotate the wind vane to cause the energy beam behind the wall to move. However, it is being blocked by a large cube.

Squeeze through the opening behind the wind vane. Force Pull the large cube down to you to clear the way.

Return to the wind vane and rotate it. This will make the energy beam move to the left and destroy the Koboh Barrier. This will reveal a spot that can hold an orb.

Squeeze through the gap again and pull out the orb from the orb amplifier. Now you need to place the orb on the spot to hold it. When you’re in range of the spot as indicated by the purple line

Then return to the other side to pull out the orb. Now bring the orb outside. Throw the orb into the orb amplifier to power it.

Go to the orb amplifier to rotate it and make the energy beam point at the Koboh Barrier covering a fumarole to the lower right. Once the Koboh Barrier is destroyed, you can use the new updraft to gain height while gliding on a relter.

2) Orb

Glide to the next ledge, beat the battle droids, and enter the pathway through the wall. Inside, defeat two battle droids before fighting two goroccos when the platform collapses.

Here you will find an energy beam coming out of an orb amplifier, a Koboh Barrier, and a cracked wall. Force Pull the cracked wall to uncover an orb device.

Take the orb from the amplifier and put it into the device to gain access to the door. Go through the newly open door.

A cut scene will start at this point, during which Cal will tell about the excessive growth of the Koboh Matter. Proceed to the machinery and engage with it to activate the Koboh Grinder enhancement for BD-1. With this upgrade, BD-1 will be able to blast a stream of Koboh Matter anywhere you want it!

Fire Koboh Matter towards the wall that was hit by the energy beam. When Koboh Matter comes into contact with this energy, it ignites. This also enables you to make a trail of Koboh Matter that leads directly to the Koboh Barriers and clears them.

Return to the previous chamber and re-insert the orb that was used to unlock the door into the orb amplifier. Spray Koboh Matter on the barriers to clear the path and reveal a spot that can hold an orb.

Grapple up the right wall to leap to the top. Pull out the orb and place the orb on the spot to hold it. Now wall run across the gap and pull the orb out again and bring it outside.

Place the orb into the amplifier outside and clear the fumarole.

3) Orb

Use the relter to glide to the right side of the canyon. Defeat Bedlam Raiders and gorgers. Head inside and defeat another raider.

In the room, there is a broken pipe above that contains a large cube.

Force Pull the cube down and place it below the door to prevent it from closing when you pick up the orb.

Going through the door on the right to pick up the cube. place the orb in the orb amplifier in the central room.

Now your task is to clear the Koboh Barrier in the room. Place the orb into the amplifier. Place the cube in front of the energy beam.

Fire Koboh Matter at the cube and the barred window from the inside and lead the lit Koboh Matter to the barrier.

Pull the orb out and bring it outside. Place the orb into the amplifier past the waterfall and aim the energy beam at the fumarole to the lower left.

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