How to get Kratos Face Paint (God of War Easter Egg) | Horizon Forbidden West

How to get Kratos Face Paint

This guide shows how to unlock the Kratos Face Paint from the God of War games in the Horizon Forbidden West. You will get this “Mark of War” face paint as a reward for finding three war totems. Keep reading to see the location of the three war totems.

Three War Totems Locations

The three war totems that you will find in the game are Totem of War, Totem of Youth, and Totems of Brotherhood. These totems are small figurine that looks like God of War characters.

Totem of War

It is inside a small hut at the location shown in the pictures below. This totem is a small figurine of Kratos.

Totem of Youth

This one is on top of a platform in San Francisco on the northwest end of the map as shown in the picture below. You will be able to get this only after you have completed the Main Quest 13, Faro’s Tomb. This totem is a small figurine of The Boy.

Totem of Brotherhood

The final totem is inside a small cave at the location marked in the pictures below. On collecting the three totems, you will get the “Mark of War” face paint as a reward.

How to apply Face Paint

To apply the face paint, go to any face paint merchant. The location of one such merchant is marked in the picture below.

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