Krossway 3G: Area Objectives location in Biomutant (How to Guide)

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Krossway 3G is a Location in BiomutantKrossway 3G is located in the 3G of the map. The following objectives become available when you reach Krossway 3G:

    • Superb Loot x 4
    • Old World Gadget x 3

Krossway 3G area objective locations:

Superb Loot #1: Inside a shipping container on the pier.
Superb Loot #2: In the trunk of a yellow car on the pier

Old World Gadget x3

    • Telephone booth – Located between two buildings, next to a broken-down van at Sector 3G.
    • Washing Machine – On the first floor of the building with the cow logo
    • Telephone – Second floor of building with the cow logo. You can find a rope hanging near the washing machine. The telephone is adjacent to a bed.
    • Superb Loot #3: Top of the Tallest building attached to a Telephone booth. Superb loot is on the 8th Floor, Use the handgrips to climb the first seven floors and finally use Fungus ability to jump up and reach the sofa set.
    • Superb Loot #4: From the top of the tallest building use a zipline to the adjacent building then head along the rooftop past the water tower to reach a makeshift canopy. 
    • It will be located in a chest near this colorful canopy.

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