Laundry Room Locker Key location in Dead Island 2

In this article, we’ll guide you on where to find Laundry Room Locker Key in Dead Island 2. Brock’s Safe Key is required to unlock Brock’s Safe.

Where to find Laundry Room Locker Key

To obtain the key to the Laundry Room Locker, you will need to defeat the Voltaic Screamer Zombie Karaoke Bridesmaid. However, Karaoke Bridesmaid will only spawn after you have completed the 18th major plot task, Plumbing the Depths.

After finishing the main quest “Plumbing the Depths”, return to the Halperin Hotel. You can find the Zombie Karaoke Bridesmaid character in the outdoor wedding area, which can be found between the pool area and the entrance to the steps leading up to the second level of the hotel. The location is marked on the map above.

By maintaining a safe distance when the creature screams, you can prevent yourself from taking any damage. Afterward, you can quickly move in for melee attacks.

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