Leftovers 6E: Area Objectives – Helpless Soul, Super Loot | Biomutant Guide

  • Post published:May 27, 2021
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Leftovers 6E is a Location in Biomutant. Leftovers 6E is located in the Whereabouts Biome sector 6E of the map.


The following objectives become available at Leftovers 6E.

    • Once you enter the area, fight off all enemies and then head into the large destroyed building
    • Superb Loot: Collect the loot from the electric stove.
    • Old World Gadget: Find the guitar sitting inside the building. This will kick off a new quest. The puzzles ask you to tune a guitar by rotating the nodes to matching up the color symbols. You can see the solution in the image.
    • Helpless Soul: Free the captive pilgrim from a hanging metal cage. You can find the cage outside a garage, just opposite the big building

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