Leftovers: Superb Loot & Other Collectibles | Biomutant Walkthrough

  • Post published:May 26, 2021
  • Post category:Biomutant

Bio Points 

    • As you reach Leftovers, enter into the building area and head toward the left room. 
    • When you reach the last room, look left and hope on to the upper level.
    • Walk on the rope to reach the trailer (semi).
    • This is located on the back of a trailer near the entrance of the Leftovers.

Mekton Part Box

    • This is obtained automatically as part of the story in Leftovers.
    • From the previous location, cross the water by jumping on the stones.

Superb Loot

    • This can be found in a drawer on the upper level of the building in the Leftovers containing the Mekton part box. 
    • You’ll need to jump on the Mekton Wrekbox to climb through the holes in the ceiling.

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