New Pokemon Snap: All Legendary Pokemons and Location Guide

10 Legendary Pokemons & Where To Find Them

There are a total of TEN Legendary (or Mythical) Pokemons in New Pokemon Snap. The Legendary Pokemons can be spotted in a particular area, at a particular time (day or night) and they spawn at a particular research level.  

1. MEW

    • Visit Jungle (Night) at research level 2. 
    • As soon as you start the course turn around and play the melody. 
    • Mew will appear (inside a pink sphere) and will follow you.
    • Hit the pink sphere with a fluffruit. The sphere will vanish giving you an opportunity to photograph Mew.
    • Take the photo quickly because in a couple of seconds Mew will disappear as well. 


    • Visit Snowfields (Day) at research level 2. 
    • You’ll see a Sandslash at the very beginning on top of the mountain (to the left). Take its photo. 
    • Keep moving forward and the Sandslash will re-emerge on top of another mountain (to the left). Take another photo. 
    • Then Sandslash will then appear in front of you (on the path) and will enter into a snow-wall. Analyze the snow wall to unlock the new path. 
    • Now, visit Snowfields at Night (level 2) and enter the new path you unlocked during the day. 
    • Hit the Crabominable with Illumina Orb. It will cross the street and come to your left. 
    • Hit the Crabominable with another Orb and it will throw some snow on the AbomisnowAbomisnow will start a blizzard after which a Froslass will come out. 
    • Follow the Fosslass. It will go into another snow-wall. 
    • Analyse the snow-wall to unlock a new path and then choose that path (at night). 
    • You’ll see a Jynx on a snow-boat, on the water to your right. Hit the Jynx with Orb to make it Glow. 
    • This glow will summon the Legendary Suicune.  You’ll see it running over the water. 


    • Reach Undersea at research level 3.
    • You’ll notice that a Clawitzer breaks open a new path (with its water gun attack) to your right.
    • Take the new path and go deeper into the sea.
    • On your way down you’ll see a Lanturn. Hit it with Illumina Orb to make it swim deeper.
    • Follow the Lanturn. After a while, it will be attacked by two Frillish.
    • Hit the Lanturn with Illumina Orb. It will then be able to break itself free (from the Frillish) and will lead you to the very bottom of the seafloor.
    • At the bottom of the seafloor, press the X-button (to analyze) and you’ll notice a new path has been unlocked to the right. Enter the new path and head forward into Lugia’s den.
    • You’ll notice Lugia sleeping on the right side. Throw Illumina Orb at the nearby Crystalbloom and you’ll be all set for the Lugia pic.

4. Ho-Oh

    • Reach Volcano at research level 3.
    • After moving just a little ahead into the level, you’ll notice lava to your left and a crystalbloom to your right.
    • When you’re in this area, turn around and look up in the sky. You’ll find Legendary Ho-Oh flying above.
    • If it doesn’t appear in that spot, restart the course and try again.


    • Visit the Elsewhere Forest on research level 2.
    • At the very end, you’ll be teleported to the dense forest area.
    • Here you’ll see Celebi flying all the way across (it will be coming from your right side).
    • Hit it with Illumina orb. It will stop and teleport itself.
    • Take a picture while it’s teleporting for the best shot.


    • Beat the entire game and see the end credits.
    • Then head back to Ruins at research level 2.
    • Just outside the ancient ruins you’ll spot Jirachi. Snap some pictures.
    • If you keep on snapping pictures, Jirachi will show up at many different spots within your ruin’s run. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to take Jirachi’s photographs.
    • Throw ilumina orbs and fluffruits at it to get different poses (If you keep playing with it will give an upside-down pose).


    • Go to the Reef (Evening) at research level 2.
    • At the split, take the left path towards the Lapras.There are 4 Lapras in the area.
    • Hit all the 4 Lapras with Illumia Orb and then play the melody.
    • Manaphy will then pop out of the water in-between the 2 Lapras.
    • It will play above water for quite some time giving you ample time to get some good shots.


    • Visit Florio Nature Park (Day) at research level 2.
    • To your left (near the lake) you’ll find Shaymin sleeping in the grass. Shaymin will be in-between Grookey and Pichu.
    • You can go to the park at night as well for some additional pictures.
    • Shaymin will be more active if you visit the park at research level 3.


    • It can be easily spotted at the very end of the story mode, in Ruins of Rememberance (Illumina Spot).
    • Hit the floating rainbow orb with Illumina Orb. Xerneas will then reveal itself.


    • Reach Cave (Outaway cave) on research level 3.
    • You’ll reach a split path where some Noibats come flying through a hole. Analyze the area and take the left path. [You’ll know you’re on the correct path when you see 2 Geodudes on the corner in the left]
    • As you move ahead, you’ll see 2 Carbinks and 1 Mawile below. You need to hit all 3 of them with Illumina Orbs.
    • After that Diancie will arrive. Diancie will be in the area just behind Mawile.
    • Play music to get some good shots.

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