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  • Post published:March 3, 2022
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How to Solve Lenne’s Rise Door Seal Puzzle

This guide shows how to solve the door seal puzzle in Lenne’s Rise tower in Elden Ring. After solving the puzzle, you will be able to get a Memory Slot.

Lenne’s Rise is on the northeast side of Caelid at the location marked in the pictures below.

The door to enter the tower is sealed. Currently, there is no way to break the seal on this door. But fortunately, there is a way to enter the tower to get the Memory Slot. Go to the backside of the tower and you will see an updraft as shown in the pictures below.

Summon your horse and walk into the updraft to jump up in the air. While in the air, double jump to reach the ledge on the left side of the tower as shown in the picture below. Go to the top, where you will find a chest containing a Memory Slot.

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  1. Jay Byrd

    Wow, great click-bait article, dude…

    “Here’s how to break the seal on the Lenne’s Rise tower”

    Actual article: “The seal on the Lenne’s Rise tower can’t be broken”

    Getting into the tower is pretty obvious – I think anyone asking how to BREAK THE SEAL ON THE DOOR probably wanted to know HOW TO BREAK THE SEAL ON THE DOOR. You could have saved everyone some time by titling this: “How to enter the Lenne’s Rise tower with the unbreakable seal”

    1. Name

      It’s not clickbait at all, this is what anyone would google if they wanted to get into that tower.

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