Life of the Scavengers Side Quest Guide | Stellar Blade

Life of the Scavengers is a side quest in the Xion region in Stellar Blade. This article will guide you on how to complete the sidequest ‘Life of the Scavengers‘ in Stellar Blade, which on April 26, 2024.

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Starting Location

This quest is available after the main mission: Altess Levoire. To start the quest, speak with the NPC (Cyrus) standing at the entrance of The Last Gulp. Refer to the location below. NPC wants the player to find his partner in the Forbidden Area of the Wasteland.

Investigate the forbidden area

As the quest starts, fast travel to the Northeast area of the Wastelands as shown in the map below. There player should find a massive hole in the ground. Forbidden is inside this massive hole.

To reach the bottom of this massive pit, players should use the hanging ropes, jump down the ledges and cliff, and finally use the ladders to get to the bottom. At the bottom players interact with the dead body.

Defeat the Brute

Defeat the Brute in the Boss fight.

Retrieve Tommy’s Memory stick

After defeating the Boss Brute, pick up the memory stick from Tommy’s body. Finally, head back to Xion and speak with Cyrus to end the quest. 

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