Limgrave: All Stonesword Key Locations | Elden Ring

  • Post published:February 26, 2022
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Stonesword Keys are required to unseal the wall of mist that you will find blocking your path in Elden Ring. It is an essential item if you want to explore all the side areas in the game. This guide shows the location of all 5 Stonesword Key in the Limgrave area of Elden Ring.

Stonesword Key #1: Stormhill Shack

The Stonesword Key is near Stormhill shack as shown in the pictures below.

Stonesword Key #2: Bridge of Sacrifice

This one is on a corpse in the Bridge of Sacrifice as shown in the pictures below.

Stonesword Key #3: Dragon-burnt Ruins

The Stonesword Key is in Dragon-burnt Ruins as shown in the pictures below.

Stonesword Key #4: Murkwater Cave

You can purchase 1 Stonesword Key from Patches merchant in Murkwater Cave as shown in the pictures below. Defeat the Patches merchant and make sure that you don’t kill him after he yields. After that, you can purchase a Stonesword key from him for 5000 Runes.

Stonesword Key #5: Fringefolk Hero’s Cave

Go to Stranded Grave and use Stonesword Keys to unseal the path and enter Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

Keep going down in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave until you reach the room as shown in the picture below. In this room, you will see a bridge leading to Erdree’s Favor talisman. Jump down from the left side of this bridge. Then jump one level further down.

Climb up a flight of stairs and pull the lever as shown below to call an elevator. Take the elevator to reach the level above. When the elevator stops, climb up a flight of stairs and collect the Stonesword Key as shown in the second picture below.

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