Limgrave & Weeping Peninsula Map Locations | Elden Ring (East, West)

  • Post published:February 25, 2022
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How to Unlock Limgrave Map in Elden Ring

To unlock the complete map of Limgrave in Elden Ring, you will need to find three map fragments (Limgrave West, Limgrave East & Weeping Peninsula). This guide shows the location of all three Limgrave map fragments in Elden Ring.

Limgrave West Map Location

One of the first things you need to do at the start of the game is to get the Limgrave West Map. This map is quite easy to get. The Limgrave west map fragment is at Gatefront Ruins, which is marked as ‘3’ in the map below.

As soon as you enter Limgrave, you will see the first site of grace next to an NPC as shown below. This site of Grace will point you to the second Site of Grave. Go north from here and the second one will be inside a ruined church kind of structure as shown below. This one will point further to the next Site of Grace, which is in the Gatefront. on the east side of the Gatefront, you will find Gatefront Ruins. In the Gatefront Ruins, you will find the Limgrave West map as shown in the second picture below.

Limgrave East Map Location

Limgrave east map fragment is in SIfrora Rivet Well as shown in the pictures below.

Weeping Peninsula Map Location

The location of the map fragment is shown in the pictures below

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