Limgrave: All Sacred Tears Locations & How to use Sacred Tears | Elden Ring

  • Post published:February 26, 2022
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This guide shows how to use the Sacred Tears and the location of all the sacred tears in the Limgrave area of Elden Ring. There is only 1 Sacred Tear to find in the Limgrave area.

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How to use Sacred Tears

Sacred Tears are used to increase the amount of health and mana replenished by the flask. Once you have a Sacred Tear, go to a Site of Grace and rest. Then choose the flask option to Increase the amount replenished by flasks as shown in the picture below.

Limgrave Sacred Tear #1

You will find the sacred tear on the foot of the statue in the Third Church of Marika at the location marked in the pictures below.

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