Little Lost Deerling Request: New Pokemon Snap

How to Clear Little Lost Deerling Request | New Pokemon Snap


    • Visit Elsewhere Forest at research level 3. 
    • Reach the third area of the forest. 
    • You need to light up 4 Crystalblooms (with Orbs) to lead the lost deerling back to the Sawsbuck. 
    • Light the First Crystabloom to Your Right in the Third Area. 
    • Move a little ahead and light the next (second) Crystabloom to your Right.
    • Move a little further and you’ll notice TWO Crystablooms to your right. Only, light the Crystabloom which is at the BACK. 
    • Move a little ahead and light the next (fourth and last) Crystabloom on your right. 
    • Deerling will get to this Crystalbloom. Wait for the Sawsbuck to arrive and take a photo of the deerling in joy (with hooves in the air) to fulfill the request. 

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