Little Ones Lost: Location of children in Wendwood | Monster Hunter Stories 2

Little Ones Lost‘ is the main story mission that requires players to enter an area called Wendwood to search for three missing children.

Quest Story: Fore those Children!

You return to Rutoh to find the villager panicked – some children ventured into the forest and have still not returned. The Wyverians fear that this is connected to the Monster seen prowling around near the village. You rush into the forest to find the children.

Objective: Head to the Wendwood

For the first objective, you need to reach Wendwood area to search for three missing kids, which is marked on the map as the main objective location. Since the area around the village was seen sprawling with monsters, you need to rush to first of Wendwood to bring back three kids. Wendwood area is located on the west of the village area. From Rutoh village exit head to the left direction and take the second exit to reach Wendwood. The location is shown in the picture below.

As you will enter Wendwood, Navirou will comment that the children must be getting scared and you need to hurry to find them. Awin will further suggest that the children might be hiding from the monsters in the tall grass.

Objective: Explore the tall grass

The first small hint that the game gives players is to “explore the tall grass.” A lot of the grass in Wendwood looks very similar, so this guide will go over how to find the first kid in the tall grass. From the entry point go straight and take the second right there you will find the first child sitting in front of a mountain wall with Ivy stem tendrilsYou can find this little kid in the location shown on the map in the picture below. Talk to the first kid and he will give you clue to find the others. She will give information that last time all three kids were together near the huge tree.

Objective: Explore the Area around the Huge Tree

The second lost kid is close to a “huge tree” in Wendwood. The tree in question is located at the map’s southern edge, and the kid will be sitting right in front of it as shown in the picture below. Talk to the kid and he will provide the clue for the third and the last kid who was near the pond.

Objective: Explore the Area around the Pond

The next clue is that the kid is near the pond — through the body of water is not shown on the map, you can find the pond in the location as shown in the picture below. From the tree, turn left and jump down the mountain wall and the pond will be right in front of you. The child is on the right side of the pond.

Once you have found all the three missing kids from Wendwood, there will a cutscene where Alwin will inform that Red can actually hear what the monsters were sayingAfter this, there is a boss fight with Monster Duramboros.

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