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Loboto’s Labyrinth is the first mental level in Psychonauts 2. There are four types of collectibles here: Figments, Emotional Baggage, Memory Vaults, and Nuggets of Wisdom. This article shows the location of all the collectibles and how to get them.

Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage (5)

Emotional Baggage is collectibles in Psychonauts 2 that can be found in the Mental Levels. These are the person’s emotional baggage, which is represented as various types of bags, all of which cry relentlessly. For each baggage, you will find a matching tag. Reunite the tag with its corresponding bag to resolve an emotional issue.

Duffle Bag

Tag: The Dufflebag tag is located in the first office space right near the desks with stacks of paper.

Baggage: It’s also located in the same office area. Dufflebag is placed on top of a photocopy machine, near the stairs where Coach Oleander instructs Raz to open the teeth door.

Hat Box

Tag: The Hatbox tag is located inside the second teeth door that you will enter. Behind the door is a long conference room with a long twisted table. You will find the tag near the long table before meeting Sasha.

Further in the level, Sasha asks you to look behind the Golden door lying on the ground. On the other side of the door, you will meet Lili who will ask your help to burn posters in the large room. At this stage, you will also get ‘Pyrokinesis’ ability to set things on fire. 

Burn Lili’s Poster to find an even bigger room. Halfway through this room, a giant portrait of Dr. Loboto (on the left) can be found covering a small hole in the wall. Burn it to reveal a small room containing the hatbox.


Tag: The Purse tag is available in the Dental Void area. You can collect this after learning the ‘Levitation’ ability from Milla. It’s located on the top of a dental mirror on the right-hand side. Players can reach the location by using levitate ability and using the nearby updraft.

The Purse is located in the Poster Gallery area (on the second visit) after learning Pyrokinesis ability. Following the way to the end of the section to find an office. You will find a Purse placed on top of a shelf. 


Tag: The tag is located in the Asylum area. When you are at the Dental void area you will see a pink color washbasin at the end (left), with a hole in it. Drop down the hole to pass through the tunnel of teeth and it leads to Asylum. Head to the left to collect the tag floating on a teeth platform

The Suitcase can be found in the conference room. A poster of an open mouth framed over a hole can be found near the entrance to the conference room. Use Pyrokinesis ability to burn the poster, and you’ll find the suitcase inside the small room.

Steamer Trunk

Tag: The tag can be found in the Dental Void, where you learned Levitation. It’s located on the top of a dental mirror on the left-hand side. You won’t be able to get there until you learn Mental Connection from Hollis’ Hot Streak level. Return to this area after gaining that ability and use Mental Connection to reach the tag.

The Steamer Trunk is located in the Asylum area. There is a teeth floating platform on the right that can only be reached by using Mental Connection. Use Mental Connection ability to reach the platform and collect the Steamer Trunk and Memory Vault.

Loboto’s Labyrinth Memory Vault (2)

Memory Vaults are a type of collectible item in Psychonauts 2. It has the shape of a cute little pig-like safe. Each mind has two or fewer Memory Vaults running around. You can attack Memory Vaults with a melee attack only to reveal a slideshow with a backstory on the character whose mind you are currently inside.

Loboto’s Labyrinth Memory Vault 1/2

Brain Level: Loboto’s Labyrinth
The first Memory Vault is in the office space where you fall along with Coach and encounter Censors for the first time. On the left, you will find a shelf with boxes (beside Loboto’s portrait) obstructing a fleshy room with a dentist’s chair in it. Blast through the boxes to get inside and catch the Memory Vault.

Loboto’s Labyrinth Memory Vault 2/2

Brain Level: Loboto’s Labyrinth
You cannot get this on the first visit. As you progress in the game you will new physic ability ‘ Mental Connection’ from Hollis’ Hot Steak. Using this ability you can grapple the white circles. It’s located on the Asylum area of the level.

How to visit earlier Brains: Go to the Agents area in Motherlobe to find a Brain Tumbler in Sasha Nein’s lab. You can talk to Sasha or use the Brain Tumbler to get to the Collective Unconscious hub. You’ll have access to any brain you’ve previously visited once you enter here.

Loboto’s Labyrinth Nuggets of Wisdom (2)

Nugget of Wisdom are collectibles that you will find in the Mental Worlds. They give you Intern Credits, which allows you to upgrade your Psychic Powers.

Loboto’s Labyrinth: Nugget of Wisdom 1/2

This Nugget of Wisdom cannot be collected during your first visit to Loboto’s Labyrinth. Visit Loboto’s Labyrinth again from the Collective Unconscious. On your second visit, you can get the Nugget of Wisdom from the central office. Burn the painting as shown in the picture below using Pyrokinesis, and you will find the Nugget of Wisdom behind it.

Loboto’s Labyrinth: Nugget of Wisdom 2/2

You will get this Nugget of Wisdom also in your second visit to Loboto’s Labyrinth. The Nugget of Wisdom is in the Trashcan area. Fast travel to the Trashcan. Open the zipper teeth using Telekinesis to find the Nugget of Wisdom.

Loboto’s Labyrinth Figments (80)

There are a total of 80 Figments in Loboto’s Labyrinth. Check the below video to see their locations.

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