Locate Brother Armias Walkthrough | Star Wars Jedi Survivor 

This guide shows how to complete the “Locate Brother Armias” objective in Pilgrim’s Sanctuary in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, which was released on 28th April 2023. 

How to Locate Brother Armias

After reaching the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary,  fight the Stormtroopers and then squeeze through the wall path to get the objective updated to “Locate Brother Armias”.

Take the left path and squeeze through another wall path. Hold onto the iron beam and proceed forward. Then perform a wall run to reach the opposite ledge.

Slide down to the bottom of the tower using the vertical wall to assist you.

Defeat the enemies at the bottom and proceed to the green barrier door. The next section involves a series of jumping and climbing that take you to an area of the ruins that requires swimming.

Hook an ascension cable to the grilled wall and wall run to the next grilled panel

Continue forward while holding on to the iron beam to reach the next grill panel.

Climb the grill panels and make your way up to enter a tunnel. Slide down to reach the massive drill machine. To go to the next ledge, do a wall run on the wall above the drill machine’s limb.

The limb from the mechanized drill is obstructing your route to the next ledge here. Simply time your jumps to the repeated movement of the limb to land on the opposite side of the ledge.

Follow the path ahead to reach the water. Dive in and swim to the left to enter an underwater cave and exit the other side.

Continue inside the cave and dive into the second pool of water to exit into a new area with a giant metal door.

How to Open Buried Refuge Door

If you observed the room you will notice that there are two stones obstructing the gate and that two components of the gate are situated on either side of it.

Use Force-Pull to grab the rope above the stone on the left-hand side, and then pull the stone up that is blocking the gate.

Fasten the rope to the adjacent mechanism in order to prevent it from falling.

Employ Force-Pull to move one part of the gate to the center.

After the gate has reached the center point, you can detach the rope from the mechanism to ensure that the gate does not revert to its initial position.

Now, use Force-Pull to raise the stone blocking the gate on the right side, and secure the rope to prevent it from dropping. Move the other half section of the gate to the center using Force-Pull. Once it reaches the center, detach the rope to keep the gate in place.

After connecting the two-door segments in the middle, the door will open, and you can continue on the path to find Brother Armias.

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