How to Locate Phantom | Ghost of London | Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC

Locate phant0m: Ghost of London

Ghost of London is the third resistance mission (side mission) requested by Connie Robinson in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC. This walkthrough will show you how to locate Phantom in Ghost of London. For a visual walkthrough check the video link at the bottom of this article.

Where to find Phantom?

Phantom is in Parcel Fox Distribution Centre in the south-west corner of the Nine Elms district.

There is a door in the south-east corner of the Parcel Fox building which leads into a small reception area. First, send the multidrone into the reception area through the vent which is in the corner to the right side of the door.

From the reception area take the stairs in the left corner to reach the parcel storage area. As soon as you enter the parcel storage area a blast will occur in which Phantom gets killed. Phantom’s body is lying on the floor behind the second shelf on the right side. Phantom’s body is invisible. You need to hack the body and disable the AR-cloak. Decloaking will take some time.

Analyse phant0m’s Body

After the decloaking is completed you need to personally inspect phantom’s body. Now, you must enter the building if you haven’t already. To stop raising the alarm you must disable the laser scanner on the door. Stand in front of the door, hack the camera in the reception area and then disable the scanner (switch is behind the desk).

Enter the reception area and quickly takedown the guard in this area. Then go to the Phantom’s body which is still in the parcel storage area. Inspect the body to complete the objective and leave the building.

Bloodline is the first major story expansion of the 2020 videogame, Watch Dogs Legion. You’ll play as Aiden Pearce (protagonist of the first Watch Dogs) and Wrench (from WD2), who’ll team up in this new storyline set up before the events of the main game. Each character is playable in the campaign and in online mode as well. Multiple optional side-quests have also been added in the Bloodline DLC for both Aiden Pearce and Wrench.

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