Look for the Second Farrwick | Genshin Impact 3.6

This guide shows how to complete the “Look for the Second Farrwick” objective for the As the Khvarena’s Light Shows World Quest in the Gavireh Lajavard area in Genshin Impact 3.6.

After completing the objective “The Farrwick And Activate The Left Door ” your next task is to locate the Second Farrwick. Start by picking up the first Farrwick and follow the marker on the map to exit the control room.

Continue to proceed along the trail beyond three Hilichurls, you’ll come across a Seelie.

Follow the Seelie and you will reach a room with Hilichurls and a Mitachurl. Beat the enemy and activate the nearby mechanism to unlock the passage on the floor that is leading to the next lower level.

As soon as you descend to the lower level, you’ll notice a green water puddle. Directly opposite it lies the mechanism that can be used to drain the water completely and obtain the second Khvarena.

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