Lost Ark: All Azure Wind Island Mokoko Seed Locations Walkthrough

  • Post published:March 10, 2022
  • Post category:Lost Ark

This walkthrough will guide you through everything you need to know on where to find all Mokoko seeds at the Azure Wind Island. Mokoko Seeds are a special type of collectible scattered across the continents. You can exchange Mokoko Seeds for unique rewards at specific intervals. There are 5 Mokoko Seeds to find on Azure Wind Island. Azure Wind Island is also known as Echo island.

#1 Mokoko Seed

The first Mokoko seed can be found on the island’s southernmost point. It’s buried next to a little bush and a boulder.

#2 Mokoko Seed

This is located near a horse stable in the southwestern part of the area as marked on the map below.

#3 Mokoko Seed

It is located inside a cave at the southwestern tip of the island. The Mokoko seed is near a wooden ladder.

#4 Mokoko Seed

Next Mokoko seed is located near the center of the island as marked on the map. Follow the path as marked on the map. you need to cross a miniature creek and follow a straight path till you see two fire torches and stairs going down. The Mokoko seed is beside a big tree near a stairway.

#5 Mokoko Seed

Head to the western part of the island as marked on the map, this is where the hidden path starts that is going east. The last Mokoko seed can be found at the end of a hidden path, near a broken pillar. 

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