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‘Lost Riches’ is a ten-day event in the Inazuma region, from 6th Aug 2021 to 15th Aug 2021. The event involves searching for treasures using a treasure map in the Inazuma region. This article will show the complete guide of the event, including how to start the event, all the treasure locations, and special treasure locations. I will keep updating the article as the event proceeds.

How to Start ‘Lost Riches’ event in Inazuma?

To be able to play the event you need to be Adventure Rank 30 and have completed ‘Ritou Escape Plan’ Archon Quest in Inazuma. If you satisfy the above-mentioned criteria, then talk to Ulman on the northwest side of Narukami Island at the location as shown in the picture below.

How to Find the Treasures?

After talking to Ulman you will get a Treasure Seeking Seelie and a treasure book. Check the treasure map within Ulman’s treasure book. Follow the map to reach the area where the treasure is buried. Ulman will mark out two new areas in this book each day, for a total of 14 treasure areas.

If you equip the treasure-seeking Seelie from your inventory, you can summon it when in a treasure area. However, if you are not in a treasure area, or you are inside a treasure area but too far from the treasure, the treasure-seeking Seelie will not answer your summons.

Use the treasure-seeking Seelie as a compass. When you draw near to where the treasure is hidden, the treasure-seeking Seelie will begin to shine, and the intensity will increase the closer you get to the treasure. When the treasure appears, the treasure-seeking Seelie will fly towards the treasure’s location. Reach the treasure location and dig to get the treasure.

The treasure you will find on digging the ground is Iron Coins. Exchange Iron Coins you find with Ulman for various rewards. Find and obtain all the Iron Coins in an area to complete the exploration of that area.

How to Find Special Treasure Location?

When unearthing the treasures, you may sometimes also gain a special Treasure Map Fragment. Collecting enough fragments gives the clue to the location of a Secret Treasure. You will need to finish four Treasure Areas to complete the picture of the Special Treasure location.

Note: Going to the Special Treasure location even without completing the Special Treasure Clue Picture lets you get the special treasure.

Follow the guide for the location of all the Special Treasures. You can get it without completing the picture first.

Special Treasure 1 Location & Puzzle

The Special Treasure Clue is a big door with a thunder barrier. The clue refers to the thunder barrier at the east of Araumi fast travel point as shown in the picture below. The clue is a little north of the thunder barrier (See second and third picture below).

Go to the treasure location and summon the treasure-seeking Seelie. It will lead you to the digging location. Digging the ground will reveal Nine Floor Tiles. You will need to light up the tiles in the same pattern as in the bottom right portion of the Special Treasure Clue page (Light up the floor according to the map). One of the tiles in the clue will have a pin mark on it, representing the first tile that shows up when the challenge starts.

The tiles will light up when stepped on and turn off when stepped on again. After stepping on one such tile, the next tile stepped on must be connected to the current one on at least one side. Use this logic to solve the tile puzzle. Solving the challenge gives you 60 Primogems and 30000 Moras.

Special Treasure 2 Location & Puzzle

The second Special Treasure is in Fort mumei, which is at the western side of Yashiori island.

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