Lotus Eater World Quest: Genshin Impact 2.4 | How to get Dragonbone Flower

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the “Lotus Eater” world quest in Genshin Impact 2.4.

How to start the “Lotus Eater”

To start the Lotus Eater quest in Genshin Impact 2.4, go to the Serpent’s Heart area and make sure it’s Evernight. If the Whitenight/Evernight Mechanism is glowing blue, that means you’re already in it. If it’s glowing yellow, you have to activate it first.

You need to jump off the northwestern cliff as marked on the map below to find a hidden cave entrance. Follow the path inside the cave and defeat the Ruin Sentinel monster.

After defeating the monster, interact with the wall to make the hidden pattern appear on the wall as shown below.

After revealing the hidden wall pattern, return to the Serpent’s Heart spectral doorways area. Pass through the spectral doorways in the same order shown on the symbols and dots. After successfully completing this doorways puzzle, a shade will appear. Interact with the afterimage shade to unlock the quest.

Help afterimage find out their identity

Here travelers must help the shade in finding its identity. Afterimage will ask you to help him remember his name. Look for the gravestone tablet just outside of the altar, it give you information about the afterimage. Talk to the afterimage again and confirm that he is named Spartacus or Supada no Hiko.

Find where the children are hidden

Supada no Hiko will then ask you to find where the ”children are hidden.” During this part of the quest, you must activate the Whitenight Phase. Use the Whitenight/Evernight Mechanism nearby before you leave the area! Now, Head to The Narrows area using the nearest teleport way. 

Jump down the cliff in The Narrows at the location marked in the picture below. During the fall you will see an opening on the cliff wall with three Triangular Mechanisms as shown in the second picture below. Make sure that Whitenight is activated and then hit the mechanisms in the following sequence:

– Hit mechanism 1
– Hit mechanism 2
– Hit mechanism 3
– Hit mechanism 3
– Hit mechanism 1
– Hit mechanism 2

On hitting the mechanism in the correct sequence, the wall behind the mechanism will open and you can go inside.

After going through the wall, turn right and switch to Evernight using the device in the next room as shown in the picture below. Then jump down the hole on the floor as shown below.

Now take two flights of stairs to reach an area with a ghost named Adonis.

Go to Tokyo Reisen 

After speaking with Adonis. Head to the Evernight Temple area. 

Waters of Lethe

Defeat 3 Bolteater Bathysmal Vishaps in the flooded area and interact with the pool of water to obtain the Waters of Lethe.

Go to the top of Dragonbone Flower

Finally, you’ll need to return to the Serpent’s Bowels, the very first area where you spawned in Enkanomiya.

In the distance, you should see a gigantic Dragonbone Flower. Climb to the top and interact with it.

The quest will ask you to wait for the Dragonbone Flower to condense. You must wait until at least after the game’s server reset before you can proceed with the quest.

Come back to the flower the next day and collect the Dragonbone Orb to complete the quest!

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