Lower Hogsfield: All Treasure Vault Puzzle | Hogwarts Legacy

This guide shows you the location and puzzle to get all the Treasure Vault in Lower Hogsfield. There are 2 Treasure Vaults in Lower Hogsfield.

1) Treasure Vault

The first Treasure Vault is located in the Lower Hogsfield region right above the lake shore as marked on the map.

At the location, you will notice a big circle in the ground and a cube nearby. Use the Wingardium Leviosa or Accio spell to place the cube into the circle base.

As you approach the cube, it will begin to glow orange, signaling that you must now cast Incendio on it. Use the Incendio spell to activate the circle and the gate will open up.

 Now, head inside to find a chest/vault.

2) Treasure Vault

The Treasure Vault is located in the Lower Hogsfield region below the lake as marked on the map.

Go a bit south from the treasure vault to see a handle on the side of a rock. Pull the handle to open the vault and head inside.

Go inside and then look for a box on the right shelf and pull it down using Accio.

Finally, move the box closer to the tomb to reveal the treasure.

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