Lower Hogsfield Hedge Maze Puzzle Solution | Hogwarts Legacy

This article will guide you on how to solve the Hedge Maze Puzzle in the Lower Hogsfield region in the game of Hogwarts Legacy. Solving this Hedge Maze puzzle can reward a big luxurious chest with an excellent random reward.

How To Solve Lower Hogsfield Hedge Maze

To begin the quest, go to Lower Hogsfield and look for the Hedge Maze puzzle. It’s marked on the map with a labyrinth icon.

When you arrive, there will be an archway and a book sitting on some branches. Collect the book to acquire A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze- Part I. After acquiring it, proceed through the archway to enter the maze.

Hedge Maze Solution

The chest at the center of. Enter the maze and walk straight, then take a right at the end. Next, take a left at the end.
Walk straight and take a left at the end again.

Take an immediate left, immediate right, immediate left, and immediate right.

Continue straight and then take left at each possible turn to reach the center of the Mze to find the chest.

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