Luiza’s Treasure Location: Resident Evil 8 Village Guide

How to find Luiza’s Treasure Location

    • Go to the building (Luzia’s House) through the Fallow plot.
    • You will find the building’s front gate is open and a box lying on the ground.
    • Interact with the box to get Luzia’s necklace.
    • After collecting Luzia’s necklace, go to the inventory again and examine the necklace to extract the necklace stone.
    • Re-examine the necklace again find Luzia’s key

What to do with Luiza’s Key

    • Head back to the Altar and go toward the Ceremony site (Go into the Lone road and enter into the first door on the left)
    • Use Luzia’s key to open the chest & get Cesare’s Goblet.

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