Maestro’s Collection Treasure Location: Resident Evil 8 Village

How to Find Maestro's Collection Treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village

    • First, Collect the Luthier’s Key from the Gardener’s house on way to House Beneviento. It is accessible only after returning from House Beneviento.
    • You can find the key near the save point on a pedestal.

Luthier House Safe Code

    • Head back to the village, and search for the Luthier house, as marked on the map.
    • You can access the house via House with a red chimney
    • Look for kid’s drawing on the wall for a date 27-09-17, lock code.
    • Head inside the room and unlock the cupboard using 270917
    •  Inside, Collect the Steel Hræsvelgr and open the box for the F2 Rifle:  High-Capacity Mag

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