Guardians of the Galaxy: Chapter 13 – All Collectibles: Outfits, Guardian, Archives, Compendium

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles in Chapter 13 of Guardians of the Galaxy. There are 11 collectibles in Chapter 13 ( 5 Outfit, 2 Guardian Collectibles, 3 Archives, and 1 Compendium).

#1 – Galactic Compendium Item: Glarnot Mask

This item is available only if you picked it up in Chapter 12. After crashlanding the spaceship in the snow, go into Rocket’s room. Interact with the mask on his desk and complete all dialogues to get this item.

#2 – Outfit – Gamora: Black Vortex

After the first combat encounter on Maklu IV (2 big enemies with spores on their skin), look to the right of the icicles that Gamora needs to cut for some scratch marks on the red wall. Command Gamora to boost you up to the top. At the top, you will find the purple chest. 

#3 – Outfit – Groot: Five O’Clock Sprouts

This is available after the second combat. After shattering the ice to pass through, you’ll then need to shimmy across a narrow ledge and enter a dark cave filled with gas. Before going forward, go to the immediate right of the cave entrance. Around the corner, you will find the outfit chest.

#4 – Guardian Collectible: Xatar’s Blade

From the previous location, follow the main game path to exit the cave filled with gas. Defeat tentacle enemies on the other side of the cave. After this Groot will automatically make a bridge for all Guardians to cross. Just to the right, you will notice a wall that you can climb using Gamora’s ability. Guardian Collectible #1: Xatar’s Blade will be available at the top.

#5 – Outfit – Star-Lord: War-Lord

Available after you’ve gained access to Star-Lord’s Plasma Shot. Follow the main path to pass through a cave. At the end of the cave, you have to shoot a few pieces of ice on the ceiling to create a drop platform onto a huge dinosaur skeleton to cross the gap.

After crossing the gap with the dinosaur skeleton look at the ceiling by the small pool of water. Shoot the ice on the ceiling to make a platform fall down. Stand on the platform and command Groot to lift the platform halfway up to access a hidden alcove with a purple container. 

#6 – Guardian Collectible: Deeproot Plant

After picking up the previous collectible, you’ll exit the cave to reach a new area with venomous plants and spores. Go to the right side of this area to find this plant in front of two red trees and a red mountain wall.

#7 – Archive: The End of My Hunt

Available in the same area with venomous plants and spores. This time go to the left side of where you entered the area. This archive is available behind 3 poison spores on top of a small platform.

#8 – Outfit – Rocket: The Stinger

Available in the same area as above. This time you need to go straight ahead from where you entered the area. This outfit is available at the end of the area. The outfit is placed behind venomous plants slightly on a raised area. Destroy all the venomous plants using Plasma Shot

#9 – Archive: Wendigone!

It’s available on the main story path. After defeating the Alpha Wendigo, command Groot to lift you up a platform. There you will find the archive straight ahead on the ground.

#10 – Archive: Unsent: Major Setback

After meeting the survivor at the burning camp, go up the hill left of the survivor to find this archive. 

#11 – Outfit – Drax: Katathian Monk

After leaving the burning camp, you’ll be sliding down the ice and stumble upon a new path. You will find poison spores on the left side of the mountain wall. Destroy these spores with Fire Shot and climb up. At the top Katathian Monk’s outfit is available.

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