Medieval Sulfur Fields: All Coins Location | SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

This article will guide you on how to get all coins in the Medieval Sulfur Fields world of the game  SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, which is released on 31 January 2023. The area has 11 Coins in the Medieval Sulfur Fields world.

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1) Coin (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Cloud Slide
It is available at the beginning of the sliding segment. At the tower, you’ll have to ride a hoverboard to get through some rings of fire. Use the hoverboard to go to a hook slightly to the right and then proceed to the next slide to find the coin.

2) Coin (Second Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Garden Maze
Look for a purple Reef Blower switch to the left of the checkpoint after entering the maze area. Use the Reef Blower to suck and clear the area to obtain this coin.

3) Coin (Second Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Garden Maze
Pass through the two arch doors and stay to the right until you reach a Reef Blower. Suck the mushrooms and fire them toward the purple goo barrier to clear them. Continue through the maze, smashing purple goo barriers along the way, until you come upon the coin on top of a stump.

4) Coin (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Castle Courtyard

Go down into the moat region from the castle’s drawbridge and begin riding the boulder.  Complete the timelimit challenge by destroying all barrels to get the coin.

5) Coin (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Bard Audition
Enter the castle grounds and look for a switch near a white-blue stripe color tent on the left end. Press the switch to initiate a karate kick mini-game. Destroy all karate kick balloons in the courtyard to obtain this coin.

6) Coin (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Bard Audition
Enter the castle and climb the right side of the castle wall. Once at the top, proceed to the castle doors. Press the purple switch to start a hoverboard race. You must complete the race in time to earn a coin.

7) Coin  (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Meanderson River 
You’ll reach river rapids at this point. From the checkpoint, take the route to the left. Pass through rings and go behind the waterfall by destroying the wall of the tiki. The coin is behind the waterfall.

8) Coin (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Twitchy’s Cottage
The coin is on a higher pillar to the left of the Checkpoint. Use the swing to reach it.

9) Coin (Second Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Twitchy’s Cottage
From the checkpoint, descend to the right to find a Reef Blower. Clear the area of all purple goo barriers. Behind a Goo barrier is a coin.

10) Coin (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Dormitory Hall
Inside the castle, you’ll have to climb your way up a room full of beds. Continue to follow the arrow route until you reach the top left level. Follow the path behind the pillars to the bed with the coin.

11) Coin (First Playthrough)

Checkpoint: Castle Courtyard
After obtaining the three colored keys, you must ride the seahorse near the blacksmith in order to pursue a unicorn. During the chase, the coin can be found on the right side. Just make sure you stay high above the ground.

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