All Meditation Spots Locations | Zen Master Trophy | Kena Bridge of Spirits Collectibles Guide

Meditation spots increase your HP. There are a total of 12 Meditation Spots in ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’. This article shows the location of all the Meditation Spots and how to get to them. Finding all the 12 meditation spots unlocks Zen Master Trophy/ Achievement.

1) Rusu Mountain Meditation Spot 1/1

Descend the mountain after completing the archery challenges along the main path. After lowering the drawbridge, turn right to find the Meditation Spot on a platform. To get there, use the Spirit Bow to shoot the glowing flower on the tree.

2) Forgotten Forest Meditation Spot 1/2

To reach the spot, go to the location as shown in the map below and then follow the water stream inside the tunnel.

Shoot the pillar as shown in the picture below. This will make two stones appear on the water. Jump on the stones to cross the water and reach the other side leading to the meditation spot.

3) Forgotten Forest Meditation Spot 2/2

This meditation spot is the lantern cave section. It will be available after you have cleared out all the corruption in the area.

4) Taro’s Tree Meditation Spot 1/1

The meditation spot is at the highlighted location, right ahead of you after defeating Corrupted Taro.

5) Fields Meditation Spot 1/3

This meditation spot is in the southern spot of fields as shown below.

6) Fields Meditation Spot 2/3

It is inside a locked house next to the warp point in the forge as shown below. Climb on the ledges of the building near the locked door. Then jump inside the locked house to reach the meditation point.

7) Fields Meditation Spot 3/3

After defeating the Corrupt Woodsmith, another meditation spot will be available where you place down the relics.

8) Village Heart Meditation Spot 1/1

The Meditation spot is at the highlighted location near the cave entrance in the Village Heart. To reach the spot, loom down the cliff and shoot the blue bulb to destroy the corruption. Then bomb the rocks to make them levitate and make a platform as shown below. Jump across the platform to reach the meditation spot.

9) Village Meditation Spot 1/3

This mask is in the Village once you are reaching the end of the game. After defeating the mask Maker Boss, the spot is to the right as shown below.

10) Village Meditation Spot 2/3

After defeating the Warrior boss, the Meditation Spot will be straight ahead of you.

11) Village Meditation Spot 3/3

After defeating the Hunter boss, the Meditation Spot will be straight ahead of you.

12) Mountain Shrine Meditation Spot 1/1

You will get the final meditation spot after defeating the final boss. resting at it triggers the end credits.

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