How to Catch Mesprit Lake Legendary | Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)

Mesprit is a roaming Pokemon, which means it runs away on seeing you. So, it is very difficult to find. Fortunately, there is a trick that will help you easily find Mesprit. This guide shows how to track and catch Mesprit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP).

Mesprit Initial Location

The first location of Mesprit is fixed. Go to the northwest side of Verity Lakefront and go through the path between the trees as shown in the pictures below.

This will take you to Lake Verity. Use “Surf” Hidden Move to reach the small cave at the center of the lake. Enter the cave, and you will encounter Mesprit inside. Mesprit will disappear after seeing you. Then Rowan will come and tell you to use the Marking Map app to track down Mesprit.

How to get the Marking Map app

To get the Marking Map app, go to the Poketch Company building on the northwest side of Jubilife City as shown in the picture below. Go inside and talk to the president of the company, who you will find at the right corner on the ground floor. After you are finished talking with the president, you will get the Marking Map app.

Mesprit Location: How to track Mesprit

Open the app on Poketch and you will see two blinking symbols as shown in the pictures below. Square Symbol represents your location and the Monster Symbol represents Mesprit’s Location.

Whenever your Area on the map changes, the location of Mesprit also changes. To catch Mesprit, both you and Mesprit need to be in the same Area. There is a simple trick to make it happen. Go to a border between two Areas and keep going to and fro from one Area to another, until you and Mesprit both are in the same Area.

For example, go to the border between Jubilife City and Route 203 as shown in the picture below. Continuously go to and fro from Jubilife City and Route 203. Mesprit’s location will keep changing every time you go from Jubilife City to Route 203 and vice versa. Keep doing this until you and Mesprit are in the same area (See the second picture below).

Once you and Mesprit are in the same area, make sure to save the game. Then go and run around on the grass patches in the area as shown in the picture below. You will have to run around on the grass patch for some time before you encounter Mesprit.

When you encounter Mesprit, you will get one turn before it again runs away. So, it’s the best time to use a Master Ball so that you catch Mesprit without having to track it again.

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