Metroid Dread: Ghavoran All Collectible Locations Guide

This guide shows where to find all collectibles in every location of GHAVORAN in the game – Metroid Dread

Energy Tank #1 

It is located at the pinpoint on the map. Uses the Ice Missile to take out the flaming barrier separating a player from the energy tank.

Missile Tank #1 

This Missile Tank can be found in this area immediately after defeating the boss, Golzuna. Exit the arena and scan your surroundings for blocks in the bottom right corner of the next room, then use your bombs to enter and collect the upgrade.

Missile Tank #2 

Head straight right to the location pinned below on the image, and you’ll find it locked behind a grapple block for an easy grab.

Missile+ Tank #1

It is located in the southern region and the exact location we’ve marked on the map. Jump up into a little division and roll along to reach the location. 

Missile Tank #3

It’s in the southern region, and you’ll need to go to the room just right of the elevator down to Burenia. I have marked the location on the map. Simply perform a scan and shoot out the missile block that reveals the hidden item.

Missile Tank #4

This is available soon after arriving on this planet. I have marked the location on the map. Use the three grapple points and swing over to reach the location.

Missile Tank #5 

The location is marked on the map. Use the grapple to unlock the gate. The missile tank is on the ledge at the end behind the monster.

Energy Part #1

The coordinates are marked on the map. To get to the locations, you must first freeze and then jump onto the platform. You must wait for the platform to regenerate before landing on it again to quickly fire a missile block. Then you can roll up into the space and grab your part.

Power Bomb Tank #1 

Space-jumping our way right up into the top of the map in Ghavoran to grab this item.

Missile Tank #6

Use Ice Missiles to clear a path to the location of this next tank shown below. Scan for breakable blocks and move in and around in Morph Ball form.

Missile Tank #7

Use your Space Jump skills to toss yourself upwards in the area pictured below. Missile Tank on the left-hand side waiting in a slanted vent. 

Energy Part #1

To grab it, you’ll need a speed boost rather than a huge shinespark jump. Shinespark leaps straight up from the location marked with a yellow marker on our map. To gain enough momentum to speed boost here, open the magnet-locked door to your immediate left, go through it, and then charge back into the area you’re jumping from.

Missile Tank #8

The location is marked on the map below. Drop below the ledge and move right to collect the reward.

Missile Tank #9

To get this tank, open a storm missile door in the location we’ve indicated, then go through the door to your left, jump up beside the green teleporter, and into the room on your right. Mastered your screw attack and space jump to be able to get up into this area.

Missile Tank #10

Located in the middle of the region as pointed on the map. Get up onto the ledge to collect the award.

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