Metroid Dread: Cataris All Collectible Locations Guide

This guide shows where to find all collectibles in every location of Cataris in the game – Metroid Dread

Energy Tank #1

This energy tank is available once you drain the lava chamber in the northern part of Cataris. Once that room is drained, work your way down below the magnet lift you can see in the picture here and pull it down so it exposes one side of the room above. Then, return to where the Thermal Flow Device is to jump up and reach the Energy Tank.

Missile Tank #1

Head left from the save room after defeating the green E.M.M.I. You will find the missile tank at a marked location, shown in the image.

Missile+ Tank #1

It is located on the west side of Cataris, right next to a Save Station. From the Save Station go in the right-hand side direction. Use Morph Ball ability to reach the location.

Missile Tank #2

Available after defeating Kraid and acquiring the Diffusion Beam. From the Purple Teleportal, climb the upper left platform, as shown in the image below. Climb to the top and then jump to the blue panel on the right. Charge your attack and hit the left wall, where the mark is. You will unlock a passage for your Morph Ball.

Missile Tank #3

Head south of the southeastern Network Station in Cataris to the bottom, as shown on the map below. Explode the wall to the left of it to reach the target location.

Missile Tank #4

This is pretty easy to collect. Just reach the designated location marked on the map to collect it.

Missile Tank #5

Located above the south Network Station as shown in the image below. This is a high-temperature room with a pool of lava. To reach there, you need to exit the station by the left, use the Morph Ball Launcher to the next room, and make your way up. Go to the right wall and climb to collect the item.

Missile Tank #6

You’ll need your Varia suit for this missile tank. Head to the location to the marked location in the image. Blow the pieces of exploding wall out. Then spin jump up into the space exposed and roll into the next area to grab the missile 

Power Bomb Tank #1

From the Teleportal Purple, go to the right and head the path going south. Descend into the lava and speed boost to the right. Go inside Morph Ball mode and use Power Bomb to clear the path to the tank.

Energy Part #1 

You’ll need to speed boost up through two-speed boost blocks in order to nab this one. Start your speed boost run up from where we’ve placed Samus on our map below then shinespark as you reach the area where the blocks are and shoot straight up through them. Broke the Grapple Beam Block from the other side.

Missile Tank #7

This is pretty easy to collect. Just reach the designated location marked on the map. Place a morph ball below the gap to remove the block to collect the tank.

Power Bomb Tank #2

Head to the marked location on the map. Place a morph ball to expose a black on the floor. Power Bomb the area to clear the path to the power tank.

Missile Tank #8 

It required a Varia Suit for this next one. Once you’re at the Missile Tank location shown below you’ll need to slide through a small space to the left of your screen to enter the room containing it.

Missile Tank #9

You’ll need your Gravity Suit in order to speed boost through lava, slide under rocks. Blast through the speed blocks hiding this as shown in the image.

Missile Tank #10

You’ll need your Varia Suit for this next one. From the Network Station on the northwest side of Cataris, go to the right and then below as marked on the map. Once you reach the lava room, climb up the ledges and hang from the blue panel. Blast the block on the left wall. You will find the tank at the upper left platform.

Missile Tank #11

Head to the marked location. Power Bomb the area to reveal the hidden block on the left corner. Hand from the blue panel on the roof and shoot the block to clear the path. Once the path is clear collect the reward.

Energy Part #2

This one need Morph Ball ability. Make your way to the location indicated below and slide through a small gap at the right edge of the screen in order to nab the item.

Missile Tank #12

Head to the marked location. This tank requires speed boost skill as we take off from the position where Samus is stood in the shuttle area on the left of our map below.

Power Bomb tank #3

Go to the marked location as in the image. You have to take out a bunch of blocks that are jamming a magnet lift from coming down and letting you get to it. Power bomb and then quickly took out the missile blocks before jumping up to pull the lift down.

Missile Tank #13

This one is on the east side of the area, inside a high-temperature room. I have attached an image for reference. To reach here, start from the interactive device room and go all the way to the right. Then, you will start going up, using your Space Jump ability. Reach the top and use a Bomb on the right corner. You will unlock a path that leads to the tank.

Missile Tank #14

Head to the pinpointed location. The tank will be on the upper right side of the room, with a breakable block.

Missile Tank #15

This is located on the northeastern side of Cataris. Access this area by going to the location where you use the interactive device that controls the lava. Make your way all the way up and to the left, in an area with two rock creatures. To gain access to the lower floor, you must move the Wide Beam Box with your Wide Beam and use your Bomb ability near it to break a block. On the left will be the Missile Tank.

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