Metroid Dread: Dairon All Collectible Locations Guide

This guide shows where to find all collectibles in every location of Dairon in the game – Metroid Dread

Energy Part #1

For this Energy Part, you need Gravity Suit to wade through lava. Once you’ve got the suit head to the location at the mapped location. To reach the location, descend to the left of Purple Teleporter and go all the way to the right. Continue in this location and you will find the tank in the lower area, right next to a door.

Missile Tank #1

This missile tank is below the statue room where you acquired your bomb ability. After acquiring the Bomb ability, use it on the left side of the room to unlock a secret path below. Head down through floors until you reach the room with Missile Tank.

Missile Tank #2

This missile tank is located to the eastern side of the map, between the transport to Cataris and a Save Station. Use your Shinespark ability on the lower floor. Stand in the center of the lower floor and activate your Shinespark ability. Jump straight up, breaking through several barriers to reach this tank

Missile Tank #3

Exit the room to the right of the elevator from Ghavoran to Dairon. Pass through the door on the right to find the tank location. Please refer to the image for the exact location.

Missile Tank #4

This large room is located at the bottom of Dairon, near the east elevator entrance from Artaria as shown on the map. Grapple right across to the top right corner where you’ll find this next tank. 

Power Bomb Tank #1

This item is located west of the elevator room to Ferenia, as shown in the image below. Use a Power Bomb at the location to reveal the Power Bomb Tank.

Missile Tank #5

The location of the tank is pinpointed in the image below. Use a power bomb to take out the bomb block and missile blocks. Once the path is clear collect your reward.

Missile Tank #6

The missile tank sat on a ledge that’s hidden behind some speed blocks at the location we’ve pinpointed in our map below. From the northwestern save station room head west and descend down. Activate the Speed Booster and Shinespark and then release it on the wall on the left, below the blue panel to reveal a new path that holds the tank.

Missile Tank #7

From the previous location climb up to the location as pointed on the map. You’ll need the Speed Boost ability in order to blast through the Speed Boost walls in the location as shown in the image below.

Energy Part #2

The location is west of the northwestern save room or east of the elevator room to Ghavoran as marked on the image below. Simply go way up the ledges to grab the energy part.

Missile Tank #8

Go to the room next to the west Save Station in the area. Roll on out and down to the right where you’ll end up in the room pictured below. Missile the ceiling to take it out, jump up and grab that item.

Missile Tank #9

This Missile Tank is near the west Save Station in Dairon in the green zone as shown in the image. You’ll need the Speed Boost ability in order to blast through the Speed Boost walls in the location.

Missile+ Tank #1

For this Missile Tank+ that we’re gonna use our Speed Boost ability to grab. I have marked the location on the map below.

Power Bomb Tank #2

Power Bomb is located at the pinpointed location as in the image below. You’ll need to shoot a row of bomb blocks with your cross bomb then quickly yank a magnet block out of the way in order to clear a path.

Energy Part #3

Energy is located at the indicated location.

Missile Tank #10

You need a gravity suit to grab this tank, as you need to pass through the lava. Go to the left of the room, submerged in the lava, Climb up the ledges. I have marked the location on the map. Pull away the magnet block to clear the path.

Missile Tank #11

Available exactly the same area, this time go to the left of the room, submerged in the lava, and speed boost to the right bottom blocks in order to break some hidden speed blocks and claim the tank.

Power Bomb Tank #3

This Power Bomb Tank can be reached after taking the elevator from the very north of Artaria to Dairon, as shown in the image below. Grapple up to the magnet pad and shoot more blocks out directly to your right. Jump into the gap to collect the award.

Energy Part #4

Located in the north of Dairon, as shown on our map. Power Bomb the clock to open a secret tunnel above. Quickly jump up into the tunnel to grab the award.

Missile Tank #12

Go to the room next to the west Save Station in the area. You need to fire off some Morph Ball bombs into the wall facing the save room, the one right at the launcher. You will unlock a secret passage to a tank.

Energy Tank #1

For this, you need to perform a speed boost and then a shinespark jump in order to blast through some blocks vertically right up through several levels to reach the destination. The location is marked on the map.

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