Metroid Dread: Ferenia All Collectible Locations guide

This guide shows where to find all collectibles in every location of Feronia in the game – Metroid Dread

Missile Tank #1 

This tank is at the top left corner of Ferenia as shown in the image. You have to blow up a red block to gain entry to a tunnel that leads to it. Use a nearby magnet pad to grab onto then spin over and bomb the block. Once at the bottom of the last room, shoot at the explosive wall with a “wide beam” until it blows so you can grab your prize.

Missile Tank #2

Head to the right from the last room where you find the previous Missile Tank. Enter the last room in the map below then drop to the platform underneath our missile tank. Use Morph Ball Bomb or Power Bomb the room so you can jump up, roll in and grab it.

Energy Part #1 

This energy one requires you to speed boost then shinespark from below. Starting from below start running, click the left stick in to enter Speed Boost mode. once you reach the area below the energy part as indicated in the image. Tilt the left stick down and Samus will turn purple, indicating the Shinespark is ready to use. Propel Samus in the upward direction with immense power. Finally, roll and grab the energy part.

Missile+ Tank #1 

Once you reach the area as indicated in the image. Enter Speed Boost mode and start Shinespark to blow up the wall. Enter and grab Missile+ Tank

Missile Tank #3 

From the right side as shown in the image, first use power bomb blocks and then use a Power Bomb to clear that tunnel and gain access to this room.

Power Bomb Tank #1

Simply you need to Power Bomb the location indicated on the map. Spin up into the space and catch the Power Bomb Tank.

Energy Part #2

Energy Part is located to the right where you arrive from the Dairon elevator to the south. Check the map below and spin jump your way up into this little tunnel at the top of the room indicate in the map. Use Morph Ball Bomb to reach the Energy Part location.

Missile Tank #4 

For this, you have to spin jump in Morph Ball form up into a tiny tunnel to grab the missile tank. Also, you can use Power Bomb ability to shatter all blocks in the vicinity to make things easier.

Missile+ Tank #2

Once you reach the area as indicated in the image, just shoot the blocks to clear your path and finally spin jump to reach the location

Power Bomb Tank #2 

First, shoot the base of the platform. Then you need to Power Bomb the location indicated in the map to grab it.

Energy Part #3

Once you reach the area as indicated in the image, use a grapple beam to clear a block to gain entry to a tunnel. Then you need to Power Bomb the tunnel to clear the path leading to the Energy Part location.

Missile Tank #5 

Samus running where you can see her in the map below, with the intent of ending up at the speed booster block to the left and below here that we’ve highlighted. Grapple Beam to break the block and then use Cross Bomb, which allows you to destroy additional blocks both horizontally and vertically. You will find a Missile Tank at the end.

Energy Part #4 

This energy Part can be found in Ferenia just a little southeast from the save station as shown in the pic below. Go to the right hand of the ledge and it’s placed under it. Use Morph Ball Bomb to make your way.

Missile Tank #6 

The last Missile Tank on Ferenia is found in the location on the map below, very near to where you will fight the area’s boss, Escue. Simply go there and fire a missile shot right up into the right-hand corner of the room as shown in the pic.

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