Midtown: How to Steal Worker Jacket & Worker Hat (STRAY)

  • Post published:July 23, 2022
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This guide shows how to steal worker hat and worker jacket in Stray game. To enter the Factory in Midtown (Chapter 10), Blazer will ask you to bring a Worker Hat and a Worker Jacket.

How to steal worker Hat?

There is a Hat Store at the main junction of the town (near the giant 3D hologram). The worker hat can be found inside the hat store but the robot guarding the store won’t allow you inside. At the corner outside the hat store, you’ll find a robot, Oskoor, who is waiting for Stuplachee to carry the boxes inside the store. Do the following steps to steal the worker hat:

STEP 1: Get inside the bar and go to the back room. You’ll find Stuplachee sleeping here.

STEP 2: Jump on the shelf above Stuplachee and drop the box on him. Stuplachee will wake up and will meet Oskoor outside the hat store to resume his work.

STEP 3: Go back to Oskoor and jump inside the box. Stuplachee will carry the box inside the hat store.

STEP 4: Once inside the store, jump out from the box and steal the worker hat. The worker hat is displayed at the front window of the store.

How to steal worker Jacket?

The Worker Jacket is displayed on the front window of the Cloth Store. The Cloth Store is also at the main junction of the town (near the giant 3D hologram). The employee inside the cloth store won’t allow you to steal the worker jacket. So, you’ve to distract the employee and steal the jacket.

You’ll find Simon on the first floor of the apartment building (the building which has Clementine’s Apartment). He’ll give you a cassette tape if you break the 3 security cameras on the 2nd floor of the building. All the cameras are looking towards Simon and his gang and are pretty easy to spot. You just have to jump on a camera to break it. See images below for better understanding.

Get back to the cloth store and go into the trial room area on the back side of the store. You’ll find a music system there. Play the cassette tape in the music system to distract the employee. Then leave the trial room area through the window and get back inside the cloth store to steal the worker jacket. The employee will busy investigating the distraction in the back side of the store.

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