Minacious Isle: 8 Starlight Constellation Puzzle – 3 Luxurious Chests | Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows the location of 8 Starlight Coalescence required to complete the constellation puzzle in the Genshin Impact 2.8 Summertime Odyssey event, which started on 15th July 2022 and will end on 24th August 2022. The constellation is on the top of the central ruin on Minacious Isle. To complete the puzzle, you will need 8 Starlight Coalescence. On completing the puzzle, you will get 3 Luxurious Chests.

Starlight Coalescence 1,2,3

You will get 3 Starlights during Thus Was the Work Done in Vain world quest. Place three Starlights in the Starlight Lamp. This will make a translucent stair appear that leads to the top of the ruins as shown in the picture below.

Luxurious Chest 1

Take the translucent stairs to the top of the ruin. There you will find a luxurious chest as shown below.

Starlight Coalescence 4

At the top of the ruin, where you got the luxurious chest, you will find a Starlight on top of a pillar as shown in the picture below.

Starlight Coalescence 5

After collecting the previous Starlight, jump down to get another Starlight, which is on top of an arch as shown in the pictures below.

Starlight Coalescence 6

Jump down from the broken bridge n the west portion of the ruin. Glide down to get the Starlight underneath the bridge as shown in the picture below.

Starlight Coalescence 7

Go to the location marked in the picture below and ride the wind current there to the top. Then glide to get the Starlight as shown in the second and third pictures below.

Starlight Coalescence 8

Go to the lower portion of the ruin and you will find the Starlight on the wall as shown in the pictures below. Chase it to its destination and then collect it.

Luxurious Chest 2

Place the remaining five Starlights in the Starlight Lamp to unlock the Luxurious chest there.

Luxurious Chest 3

From the previous Luxurious Chest, a Starlight will come out. Chase it and it will lead you to the final Luxurious Chest as shown in the pictures below.

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