Minecraft Dungeons: Pumpkin Pastures: All Secrets Locations

The map is procedurally generated. Map layout, Number of Secrets and Secrets Locations will vary for each playthrough. There are 4 variety of secrets in the arae. there is also one Secret Rune that can be collected only after you have completed the entire main campaign. So, in your first playthrough you wont be able to collect all the secrets. Check the video at the end of the page if the written walkthrough is not clear.

Secret 1

This secret will be found in an area accessible by jumping, next to a tree. Jump across for the secret to be revealed. 

Secret 2

This secret is near the pirate ship area. Climb the mountain and then jump across to reveal the secret chest.

Secret 3

You’ll get this secret inside a crypt by moving the stone plate from top of a tomb.

Secret 4

This secret will be found inside a crypt.  You’ll see a chest locked behing a door. In the surrounding rooms you’ll find 4 pressure plates. Pressing them will open the door and you can access the chest. 

Secret 5 (Can be collected only after completion of Main Campaign)

This secret is in the area with the burning houses. From the burning house, take right and climb the mountain to reach a stone bridge. At the end of the bridge, pressure plate will be behind some boxes. Press the plate and it will open a secret passage. Go inside and collect a Secret Rune. Collecting 9 Runes will unlock a Secret Cow Mission.

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