Mirage Rise Puzzle: Phantom Crests Locations | Elden Ring

  • Post published:March 8, 2022
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This guide shows how to solve the puzzle in the sealed Mirage Rise tower in Elden Ring. By solving this puzzle, you will be able to get Unseen Blade & Unseen Form spells.

Mirage Rise tower is in Altus Plateau at the location marked in the pictures below. On reaching the tower, you will find the door of the tower sealed.

Phantom Crests Locations

Read the book on the statue at the bottom of the tower to get the Mirage Riddle map. This map marks the location of the three Phantom Crests that you need to touch to break the seal. The first crest is near the statue as shown below.

Location of the three phantom crests is marked in the picture below.

For the second Phantom Crest, go southwest from the tower. Here you will find the Phantom Crest in front of the cliff wall as shown below.

The third Phantom Crest is the most difficult one to find as it is hidden underneath an illusionary rock. Go to the location marked on the map in the picture above. Here you will find a suspicious-looking rock as shown in the picture below. This is an Illusionary Rock. Hit the rock to make it disappear, revealing the third Phantom Crest.

Once you have touched the three Phantom crests, the seal on the tower door will break. Go to the top of the tower and open the chest there to get Unseen Blade & Unseen Form spells.

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