Missing: Jamal Location & Key (Lost & Found Quest) | Dead Island 2

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete all objectives of the Lost & Found Quest “Missing Jamal” in Dead Island 2.

Starting Location

Complete the main story campaign and visit Lotusville Mall on Ocean Avenue to find the Missing: Jamal Lost & Found quest on the wall of missing people.

Where in Hell-A is Jamal?

Head to the yellow area outside Halperin Hotel

Sniff out clues to Jamal’s whereabouts at the security guard huts

Proceed towards the yellow zone situated outside Halperin Hotel where you will come across two guard huts, each housing a journal that you need to acquire.

1) Guard Hut

In order to enter the guard huts, you must shoot the fuse boxes present both on the exterior and interior of each one, which will result in the door being unlocked. Retrieve Journal: Employee Vehicle Register

2) Guard Hut

Pick up Journal: Our Fellow Security Guard. This hut is in the southwest corner of the search area. 

Jamal drove off in his pickup truck. Follow him

By studying the contents of the journals, you will obtain information on Jamal’s whereabouts, which is located in the eastern section of the Halperin Hotel vicinity.

Take down the zombies around Jamal’s truck

The area you are about to enter is having a lot of zombies. Eliminate all the zombies in the area, including Jamal who is among them. Don’t forget to collect the key that he drops.

A key! Check Jamal’s truck

You can utilize the key that you obtained from Jamal to unlock the blue box situated on the rear of his red pickup truck.

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