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Missing Persons Quest

‘Missing Persons’ is the second quest of Fallout 76’s eighth major expansion, Steel Reign, which concludes the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. This quest starts automatically after the completion of the main mission ‘A Knight’s Penance’. Go to the bottom of the page to see the video walkthrough of ‘Missing Persons’ mission.

For the first objective, talk to go to Scribe Valdez at Fort Atlas. She will inform you about an Initiate named Marcia who went missing while visiting the Foundation. Valdez will ask you to talk to Marcia’s brother max to get information about her whereabouts. Max will tell you to talk to Marcia’s best friend, Ramirez. Ramirez will inform you that Marcia might be with Raider’s war party.

For the next objective go to the Crater, which is at the northern portion of the map as shown in the picture below. Inside you will find Marcia who is unwilling to come back to the Brotherhood. Using Perception +12 you can mention that Sheena and Burke are missing from the raiders camp. Marcia will inform that Sheena and Burke went to AMS Headquarters to retrieve something and haven’t returned. You’ll be tasked to go to AMS Headquarters and help Marcia find about the missing Raiders.

Travel to AMS Headquarters in Watoga which is at the southeastern portion of the map as shown in the picture below. Inside the AMS Headquarters, help Marcia defeat the mercenary and then take the elevator to the third floor. Defeat the enemies on the third floor and then follow the objective marker to find clues about where the missing raiders are. The objective marker will lead you to a Dove Necklace. Marcia will inform you that it is Burke’s necklace.

Follow the objective marker upstairs and it will lead you to the dead body of a raider. Marcia will inform that it’s the corpse of a raider that went with Sheena and Burke.

Follow the objective marker ahead and collect the ‘Hastily Written Note’ from Sheena. The note by Sheena tells that they have surrendered (See the picture below).

Take the stair upstairs where you will find a locked door. Use the terminal nearby to unlock the door. Go upstairs and defat the Hellcat mercenaries there. After you have defeated the mercenaries, Kit will open the window and call more mercenaries to attack you. After you have killed all the enemies, Kit will come out from the locked room. Defeat Kit and collect ‘Blue Ridge Delivers Again’ from his corpse. The note will tell you that Sheena and Burke have been captured alive and are in a holding cell.

Get the AMS Basement Key from the room in which Kit was and take the elevator to the AMS Headquarters lobby. Unlock the elevator to AMS Headquarters Basement Lab using the key. Kill the guards in the basement. Then go to the holding cell to talk to Sheena and Burke.

Talk to Sheena and Boorke. You can give Burke’s necklace back to her. Use the terminal at the corner to open the cell door. Then talk to Marcia and you can ask her to come back to the Brotherhood or stay with the Raiders. If you followed our guide, Marcia will agree to come back to Fort Atlas.

Go back to Fort Atlas and talk to Scribe Valdez to complete the quest.

Video Walkthrough

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